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  The Innovation Lab aims to invest in projects that have the potential for a long-term return; therefore, ideas are tested quickly and failures are eliminated early on.

Successful products can be spun off into new companies or integrated into one of the existing brands under Momentivate Health Ventures.

While partnering with many health and wellness experts we work with physicians to reduce medication alert fatigue (when busy workers — in the case of healthcare, clinicians — become desensitized to safety alerts and fail to appropriately respond to warnings). We facilitate collaboration through a network of hospitals and medical professionals to fine tune alerts based on localized experience. It was developed in the Innovation Lab and then spun off to another company under the Momentivate Health Innovation Lab umbrella.

Associated funds: Momentivate Health Innovation Lab Ventures has $25 million committed to investing in tech-focused startups that offer solutions for health and healthcare services. It primarily taps into an in-house network to find investments.


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